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Rock cycle

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(First, look at the image. only then read the article)

The Rock Cycle is one of the most important themes in Geology. Rock cycle is similar to the water cycle, but instead of water and ice, we have magma, lava, and rocks.

Rock cycle starts with molten rocks below crust called magma. When magma intrudes the crust it cools. If magma cools inside the crust it becomes an intrusive igneous rock (granite, diorite, gabbro). When it cools on the surface it becomes an extrusive igneous rock (basalt, andesite rhyolite)

Now, these igneous rocks have two pathways:

  1. Burial. There may be lots of reasons why rocks became buried (I will cover them later). The lower you go inside the Earth, the higher temperatures and pressures will be. When you are deep enough, our igneous rocks change and become Metamorphic rocks (gneiss, schist, etc.). Then, when they are buried even deeper, metamorphic rocks start to melt and become magma again.

  2. Uplift. Could be caused by an earthquake or something like this.


 All uplifted rocks are called outcrop. All outcrop undergoes weathering and erosion. Then, weathered and eroded rocks are transported and deposited somewhere. Now, they are called Sediments.

When Sediments are buried, under pressure and temperature they become Sedimentary rocks (sandstone, claystone, mudstone, limestone, etc.). Now, sedimentary rocks may be uplifted and become outcrop again or may be buried deeper and become Metamorphic rocks.

Metamorphic rocks also have two options: be uplifted and become outcrop, or be buried to become even more dope metamorphic rock.

In the end, when buried deep enogh, rocks become magma again.


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