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Scoria quick summary

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Scoria - Basaltic or Andesitic volcanic rock. It is formed when gases from the lava rapidly escape living these "Frozen bubbles" in the rock. It happens when molten rock is rising in a volcanic pipe, the decreasing pressure allows the gas to expand out (like opening a can of soda releases carbon dioxide). It is very similar to pumice but has a different chemical composition.

  1. Old name - cinder
  2. Dark colored
  3. Mafic with a frothy texture
  4. Highly vesicular (>50%)
  5. Sinks in water (in contrast to pumice)
  6. Composed of glassy fragments and may contain phenocrysts (large crystals compared to the rest of the rock)
  7. Volcanic cones of scoria may be left after eruptions of Strombolian type.

Very good article about scoria: https://geology.com/rocks/scoria.shtml

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