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Hydrosphere basic information

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1. Hydrosphere is directly linked with geosphere

2. The soil composition in the rate of the seeping of the water influence many factors in the biosphere

3. Atmosphere influences water dispersal and the frequency of precipitation

4. Uncontrolled use of water will cause changes to which biosphere won’t have time to adapt

5. The composition and physiographic structure of the oceans are the product of the reciprocity with the geosphere

6. Original hydrosphere had fresh water only. Evolution of the ocean waters is the result of water’s quality as a universal solvent and minerals quality of solubility. Rivers flow into the oceans dissolving minerals on their way, but when ocean water evaporates to form clouds that will cause rain and go back into rivers, the minerals are not evaporating with them. They remain in the water, which makes the oceans accumulate more and more salt.

7. Tsunami and hurricanes are the result of interactions among the earths systems

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